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Petapator seamlessly integrates a robust AI Large Language Model (LLM) with leading patent search sites such as Google Patents, Espacenet, WIPO*, and USPTO*. Through our intuitive Google Chrome extension, patent professionals gain access to unparalleled AI-driven analysis directly within your familiar patent search environment.

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Key Features

LLM Integration

LLM Integration

Tailor your patent search experience with LLM directly on patent search sites.

Effortless LLM Analysis Management

Effortless LLM Analysis Management

Streamline LLM analysis organization by downloading results into CSV files.

Expertly Engineered LLM Prompts

Expertly Engineered LLM Prompts

Leverage pre-defined prompts for quick and deep analysis of search results.

Seamless integration with leading patent search sites

Google Patents




Use Cases - Custom Prompts

Quick Identification of Relevance

Swiftly assess the relevance of search results to specific technologies. Input custom prompts like "Explain how [technology] is relevant to the invention", and receive insights in seconds.

Fast Listing of Patent Claim Components

Efficiently compile components in patent claims. Input prompts such as "List all the components in the first claim and explain their usage" to receive comprehensive responses effortlessly.

Speedy Determination of Uniqueness

Gain a deeper understanding of patent uniqueness compared to prior art. Input prompts like "What is the uniqueness of the first claims different from the prior arts?" and leverage AI assistance to streamline your analysis.

What People Are Saying

"Amazing. Saves countless hours and missed searches." - Merrick M.


"This [Chrome] plugin is a must for IP personnel." - Liu


"I have found this [Chrome] extension to be very helpful and easy to use." - Jeff S.


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